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"Because every woman has a story to tell"


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Welcome to Her Stories Co., a platform that shares true female stories of inspiration. Stories of strength, hardship, truth, and triumph. 

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Girl of my Dreams

It’s amazing how things work out…even when things aren’t working. It was April 24, 1992. As the spring raindrops sprinkled across my...

I would scream "God... why me?!?!

Am I a victim? Molested at 4. Kidnapped at 6. Raped at 30. Am I broken? Divorced 3 times. Cheated on. Abused. Am I worthy? Smart enough?...

I Never Gave Into My Trauma Story

I grew up very different than I am today. I spent years being reactive to my environment and just trying to cope with what I believe was...

There Is Good In All People

My story began on March 22nd 1983 in Kingston Jamaica, St. Joseph’s hospital. I was born the second girl, the fourth and last child to...

Perception Is Everything

In a time where we, as women, are inundated with social media posts and blogs about women striving for greatness and living their best...

Taking The Long Way Around

I always knew my life wouldn't go in a straight line and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have always believed in taking the long way...

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