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Be Sincere and Persevere

"Be sincere and persevere". My father told me this at a young age. With the footings my family gave me in life I was rooted with strong morals. I naturally gave out trust and I still do to this day but I have learned there is a fine line with being an empathetic person. When I was 29 I lived in Australia for 6 months and it was that experience that started my journey towards empathy. I no longer had self esteem issues so I could be strong to support others and my owns goals. I think 30 is when my life really started. I came back and bought my first rental property and I felt more refreshed than ever.

I always viewed everyone how I was and never questioned the integrity of others, because I would never purposely deceive anyone, but I met this guy who I fell hard for. He was the first person I'd ever committed to moving it with. It was a special relationship despite our backgrounds being completely opposite. Mine was full of support and sadly his was filled with trauma.

As time went on the verbal and physical abuse came to a head, so I moved out. He tried to get me back and after a few months of manipulating me to feel I abandoned him I finally thought in my sadness, we can fix this. If I was an outsider I'd say run away. The day I dropped my guard, an incident happened that caused me 3 years of PTSD, and the whole 3 years he tried to get me back. It was so blood curdling to have someone who lied without remorse, and who flipped it to make me feel I was the crazy one. I ended up getting in a car accident a year or so after, which gave me a year long concussion. I overworked and took on so many projects to try to deal with the pain. But I see the accident as a blessing, because I was at a corporate job where I couldn't show my heart.

Once my concussion was gone I decided to sell my rental and start Blue Ash Beauty Bar with other women's confidence, mental health, and beauty in mind. When I wake up I think of how can I help others, but I also take care of myself now.

I met a guy a few years ago who was the love of my life, and he taught me to trust again, and to have unconditional love for another. He taught me to heal my own PTSD. We are on our own journeys of healing now, but I see a greater good in really focusing on yourself. I can happily say I am finally over the PTSD of the psychological warfare of a manipulative person. Time and time again I look back, and my gut was always right. Trust your gut!

My business has spawned into such a beautiful cozy space for women to be their true authentic selves. And I used my pain to fuel my goals, and bring joy to others. I am thankful to have had the sad experiences I have, despite my great upbringing. I am more cautious but my heart is still big, and my strength is greater. Regardless of what people think, do what feels authentic to you, and you can't go wrong.

"Be sincere and persevere".

Author: Jessica Little

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