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Clairsentience ... I’ve Always Known More Than I Should..

Rewind back to when I was a weeee duck; I always felt unsettled because what I saw never matched how I felt or what I intuitively heard.

Always fighting for the kid that was getting bullied...

Fast forward to my teens, I was an advocate for feelings, truth and peace. Which I realized wasn’t peaceful at all. What was peace was actually chaos. So I choose Chaos, gossiping and drama... that was normal. Cycle of judgment was way easier to navigate than the cycle of love. I still chose to embrace the underdog, hold and mend hearts. I chose to do it more to others than to my own self.

Until 2005 when my Grandmother became my angel guide. Jan 2006 i set some pretty incredible intentions By the late summer of 2006 I moved in my serene little haven, ran a half marathon and met my husband.

All three pretty relevant. My awakening starting happening as I created sacred space for myself and starting to put the oxygen mask on myself first. My anxiety attacks were debilitating. I vowed to conquer and assist those that were living out of alignment. How?? I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I needed to get myself better.

Over this last decade, i decided to not put myself in situations that felt uncomfortable. Set boundaries and did the best self realization case study ever. Anything that represented or seemed like chaos i went inward and brought to forgiveness. Fear. Guilt. Shame. Any emotion that felt unsettling. Didn’t matter who or what it was. We went inward and noticed what was out of alignment for us.

We moved out west. The alchemy that took place was undeniably Magic. I launched Nine of Water in 2012. Ever since then I have led souls to the truth of who they are through energy medicine. I worked my empathy, sacred gifts and unconditional love to my most amazing self.

I’ve helped 1000’s of souls shift addictions, mental health, suicidal tendencies, infertility, dis-eases and ailments by holding sacred space and sprinkling compassion on their day to day lives so they could do the same.

Sending lots of love, clarity and peace,

Author: Lisa Lopes

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