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Discovering Perfection in The Imperfection.

My life story has been a journey of discovering perfection in the imperfection. 

I landed in having a passion to share MINDFULNESS not because I am perfect at being present and aware, but because I have lived so many years in contrast.  The contrast comprised of reliving stories of the past of deep loss, feeling weighed down from judgment in failing to live up to a plethora of expectations I put on myself and from others and etc. 

I lived in contrast for many years and it was the pull of my inner voice, my soul, my intuition however you want to call it that broke down those definitions that reminded me to offer the same kindness, compassion, and love I often give freely to others and accept that softness in benefit for myself.

On a daily...

It is mindfulness that teaches me the art of giving and receiving. 

It is mindfulness that teaches me to kinder and more gentle to myself.

It is mindfulness that teaches me that the spark of life is in every moment wanting to be seen, heard and experienced.

Author: Natalie Matias


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