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As a 44-year-old mother of 3 teenage boys, a full-time hospital employee and small fitness business owner, the last several months have taught me so much about myself and what matters the most to me. Let me start by backing things up to 2015 when I found myself with a constant hunger and drive to expand on my fitness passion and help more people. Over the following 2 years, this feeling grew and my ideas started to evolve into a plan of how I wanted to take my fitness training to the next level. It was then, in March of 2017, that I had the realization that I could reach and help more woman and mamas out there as a coach, instructor and trainer ONLINE!

Help them to live more active, fit and healthy lifestyles in a far more convenient way. I was constantly being approached to teach more classes and train more clients but being a busy mom of 3 myself, I knew I didn’t have the capacity to take it all on. Herein was the dilemma, I love to help people, I know that I can and my heart said “YES” but my head (and my supportive hubby who is also a trainer) said no. Like all moms…I’m always feeling SO BUSY. This got me thinking…and thinking…and thinking. How can I do this? How can I fulfill that hunger? How can I help more women? How can I do it all? Can I do it all?

From March of 2017 it took me 8 long months of thinking, journaling, reading and countless discussions with peers and clients to put the wheels in motion. My idea became a reality as I followed my heart. Next up was to start “testing the waters” of a 100% online fitness studio. It was designed to give people the freedom to work out from anywhere, at anytime, with the confidence of knowing that they are in capable, qualified and experienced hands. I also knew this would be a challenge and a test for me…I mean can I really do this!??? After that 8 long months, in July of 2017 I spent 5 months doing trials and testing various software, devices and strategies with some very patient family and friends until I landed on the online fitness community space that I am now in. What 40-year-old mama wants to start trying to learn about software, devices, website editing and more! After lots of deep breathing, tears, stress and a lack of sleep (I’m talking I had newborn mom sleep deprivation…without the newborn), I launched Peak Conditioning - Online Fitness Community.

I am now able to help so many people at the same time (at any time really), and am so proud to know that they are accessing motivating and fun workouts with an attention to safety. Let’s face it, as we age we need to shift our focus and attention to being strong and living our fullest and healthiest life. This program allows them the ability to exercise on their own schedule without having to juggle any travel time, daycare, overbooked classes, germs etc.

All in a judgment free zone backed by so many other women all in the same boat. I’ve managed to ensure that no matter what workout you choose from the library of over 300 online workouts, you will only ever need to use some light hand weights, a band and a mat.

As a certified and highly trained instructor and coach, I tailor every workout so that all levels can partake. I’m coaching, queuing and demonstrating with a focus on form and posture. Optimal success with minimal time so everyone can make it work. The workouts are 30-35 mins each and include core and stretching. Having at least 2 LIVE online options each week also increases the accountability for those that want that extra cheerleading and prefer a more solid schedule! I’ve now been teaching for just over 25 years in total and almost 3 full years online, and through this I’ve racked up countless certifications and can therefore add so many different styles and variations to our library including barre, kickboxing, HIIT, core and pelvic floor, pilates, group cycling and more. Having a healthy and happy mama is a huge win for the whole family. I can attest to the fact that keeping your own health and wellness at the forefront of your daily life has a huge impact on your kids. Modeling is such a great motivator as a mother to my kids. You don’t need to be a trainer to exemplify this behaviour, just be active and committed. They see. They learn. They do. It will change their mentality now and in the future. Its that simple. Not to mention that quality self-care makes us a better version of ourselves for those around us.

Working in health care when COVID-19 hit, I felt the pressure, fear and workload that I experienced was unprecedented. I think every person said to themselves…”what can I do, how can I help” and I was no different. I knew that my office life was about to be tipped upside down and any sense of work/life balance was going to be tossed out the window. I also knew that my online fitness community relied on me, especially given the extra pressures that the pandemic brought along with it. The benefits of regular exercise on your mental well-being are HUGE and well documented. So, I decided that in addition to continuing to pump up, support and motivate my online community, I would also start hosting free “Fridays live” on Instagram for anyone to join. I recorded these workouts on multiple devices and was then able to post them onto my Youtube channel so people could access them in multiple ways. I ran giveaways on my social media platforms gifting many memberships to health care workers after so many impactful and heartwarming stores came in. I just recently ran a BOGO where each new member got to GIVE (not get) one membership away for free to a health care worker. Another great success for our communities and for those essential health care workers who are working so tirelessly in the face of the unknown. It was truly my pleasure and felt good to say thanks in any way that I could. Right now I am taking all of my members through a “Step Into Sept” challenge where we are learning to create healthy lifelong habits. I’ve added more exciting classes, guest speakers and instructors and a bringing back the “Fridays Live” on Instagram on a biweekly basis too.

Running the online program, the Fridays LIVE, supporting my family and working at the hospital in the last 6 months has changed me to the core. I didn’t know that level of stress existed, let alone did I know just how far I could push myself. Did I push myself too hard? Ya, maybe I did. Would I do it all again? Ya, I definitely would. I have learned that I have to work hard to manage my stress and that I can celebrate the fact that I’m capable of so much more than I ever imagined. I know that I am the host and face of my online fitness community, but I’ve come to realize that I need them just as much as they need me and that is what makes it so truly special. The people in my life, including my online fitness community, keep me inspired and motivated every single day…our crew keeps growing and glowing!

Author: Kate -Online Fitness coach

Instagram @peakconditioningfit

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