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I Just Didn't Want To Have Any Regrets In Life.

Last year in April I took a big risk.

I told a girlfriend, "I'm about to do something that is either going to skyrocket my business, or I'm gonna need a new career."

I started making funny videos on Instagram and really showing people who I am, and what I'm all about (like REALLY put it out there).

You have to understand I've been a realtor for 14 years...I've got an established business in an industry that's obsessed with trying to look like a big shot.

So to say this was a risk, is the friggin understatement of the year.

But I trusted my gut, and took a massive leap of faith.

I had no idea which way it was gonna go. It honestly felt like I jumped off of a cliff while trying to build a plane on the way down.

Taking this chance on myself has blessed me with many opportunities and experiences,

but something even more incredible came about which I'm most grateful for...connection.

People open their hearts to me in ways that would've never happened if they didn't see my videos, dance along with me and laugh at the craziness of motherhood and life.

I'm so grateful and proud for taking that chance - for giving myself a shot.

For me, I just didn't want to have any regrets in life.

If that's you it, take the leap.

Author: Lisa Colalillo A.K.A @lisainthecity

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