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I Never Gave Into My Trauma Story

I grew up very different than I am today. I spent years being reactive to my environment and just trying to cope with what I believe was the hand I was dealt. I raised a son as a single mom barely getting by, and as many mothers making many self-sacrifices. My journey to who I represent today really started in my late 30’s. After returning to school, becoming an RMT with a thriving practice and really looking inward I began to see my challenges I was carrying with me still from childhood trauma. I began to see how these patterns were affecting me and those around me…I was determined to change. Determined to have purpose, be better than yesterday and change my story.

About 4 years ago I sold also everything we owned in preps to moving to Vietnam. I had accepted an offer to teach English and I was terrified. I had never done anything so fearless and some may say reckless, I mean I was about to move to another country with an 8 year old…some may say I was insane. Regardless I knew I needed to go, I could feel it in my core. During this purging of belongings phase I was speaking to a guy online, Tyler, I had told him let’s not waste our time and that I was moving to Vietnam. He asked if we could just meet, just chat and he could hear about my recent adventures of self-discovery with an Ancient Medicine Journeys. I agreed and from that moment our love story entwined. So, with less than a month left to prep I was now planning a move for 3.

I believe Life is following that white rabbit and connecting the clues. We ended up returning to Canada after 3 months of adventuring, and no sooner did we return but set off again to the Yucatan Jungles in Mexico to run an Ecovillage. After 6 months in the hot jungles we returned once again but this time staying in Canada. We bought a big ol’ school bus and turned it into a tiny home and drove it across Canada to BC. After 3 years of travelling we were exhausted, my son wanted steady wifi and we were ready to create magic with all of our new experience and understanding of the world.

Back in London, I started to develop a product line of reusable period and bladder care products. We created a social enterprise by following that pesky white rabbit again. We had a series of amazing circumstances fall into our lap such as being invited into the Pillar Incubator Program at Innovation Works. Flash forward a year and a ton of work. We are now nominated for the Pillar Awards this year, about to move from a home based business to an offsite location. Sold in over 10 stores, over 3500 pads donated locally and creating a movement we want to take across Canada.

I’m proud, I’m proud never gave up on myself. That I never gave into my trauma story. That I accepted a supportive and loving partner into my life. That my son was exposed to seeing a resourceful and resilient mom. I trust with firm conviction that when we are servants to humanity all our needs are fulfilled. When we choose people over profit we are given more gifts than we can possibly imagine are meant for us. I believe that my journey is just now beginning and in my 40’s. It’s never too late to change your story.

Author: Sarah Askew

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