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I Truly am a Warrior and a Survivor... Not a Victim.

My name is Michelle, I am a 27 year old female, born and raised in London, On. I come from a household where my father was an addict and my mother was emotionally unavailable. My mother RoseMarie passed away last year. The family I feel was never there is now nonexistent.

I’ve lived a lifetime of pain and suffering, a novel could be written about my short stay so far on this earth that would make people cry. I truly am a warrior and a survivor. Not a victim. I will never allow myself to be victimized. I can also recognize that my actions, thoughts and choices have a massive part in all of this.You might ask would I have changed any of this? The answer is no. I love the strong independent woman I am today, but it wasn’t always like this.

I have been suffering from being bullied and picked on in elementary school leading into my adulthood, living with a learning and mental disability, being persecuted for difference of opinion and looks, having an addiction that overran my life, being robbed at gunpoint, rapped, living homeless for more than a year through the winter, being robbed for everything I own more than ten times, as well as losing my mother and not knowing how she passed.

Hopeless, depressed, broken and disappeared, barley living at all. This is where life had taken me. Today I can say proudly that is not my reality. I have been working through the hurt and struggle and I am reinventing myself to be the beautiful woman I am under the layers of hurt.

Today I am 60 days, plus, clean. There is freedom and joy in life, I am beginning to realize it. I am prepared in knowing it will not be an easy road ahead, and I know it will be hard work, but I am prepared and ready to embrace every moment of it head on. I have such a loving and supportive community around me with strong independent woman to back me up and always be there for me. “Bring it on”!

In loving memory of RoseMarie Delaney

May, 29, 2019


Miss you mom


Author: Michelle

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