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I would scream "God... why me?!?!

Am I a victim?

Molested at 4.

Kidnapped at 6.

Raped at 30.

Am I broken?

Divorced 3 times.

Cheated on.


Am I worthy? Smart enough? Good enough?

I'm going to start telling you my "whole" story because I know you've been there. I know you've asked..."Am I...?"


I know you need to know you're not alone and you can come back and rise from the ashes.

I know you've been mistreated and took it personally. But oddly enough I've learned it's not about me.


I am who I say I am!!!!

I own my fucking fire! I am good enough!

But I spent years feeling ashamed that some asshole played house with me at 4, and changed my clothes with the dolls.

Years feeling like I was a bad girl, as a man took me from school and dragged me around by my hair while he screamed at me for being alive.

Years feeling cheap, and disgusting because I decided to wear a short dress and high heels on a date that ended with me being torn apart physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Years feeling like I didn't want to be alive because my husband was sleeping with men, and women as I sat home with an infant, and a 3 year old.

I would scream "God... why me?!?!" Now....

Now I know.

Because I can tell you a story of revival. I can show you a message of redemption. I can fan the flames you have allowed to singe the corners of your self worth and burn through them so you too can rise from the ashes. I can just simply listen with no judgement, with no questions, with no expectations.

I am.

You decide the finish. The feeling. The frequency.

So tell me how you finish the sentence.... I am.....

Author: Brandy

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