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Make Your Own Dreams Come True

First, I have to credit women who support other women. Because I didn’t think I could do it. And what I didn’t think I could do…I did. I made my own dream come true. With the support of women who gave me insights I didn’t know I needed.

My dream: to publish a book

Ok, not the biggest dream out there. And not one that makes anyone else’s’ life better. (This is me depreciating my own value…funny, how we ladies, do that to ourselves).

I always wanted to have a book published. It was my dream since I was a kid. But not a goal I would go after. I wasn’t a real author.

Let me rewind.

16 years ago…I was a stay-at-home Mom with a baby and a toddler. I was happy (but missing having something to think about other than laundry and groceries). I emailed a parenting website (cold call emailing) asking if I could do any volunteer writing for them. I was asking NOT TO BE PAID (because why would anyone want to pay me for writing?!). Just give me something to wrap my brain around.

They invited me to a meeting (two, working Moms, by chance). They offered me a work-from-home job. They liked my gumption but thought I should be paid for my writing.

Lesson #1: your time and skill has value

Fast forward a few school years.

Erica Ehm (of Yummy Mummy Club – now known as YMC) asked me to become a regular blogger on her website. This recognition – that I had writing skill – that I was good enough to be invited as a regular contributor. It meant the world to me. It was validation from someone I admired.

It’s funny how you can second guess your own worth…but if someone else provides endorsement…well, it means everything doesn’t it?!

Lesson #2: you are good at what you do

Fast forward to my last pregnancy.

Maybe it was the pregnancy. I felt like with another baby in the house…I’d never have real writing time again. It felt like there was a clock ticking. It was time to go after MY dream.

So I wrote a manuscript. After the kids went to bed. Every. Single. Night.

I pitched the manuscript. After I had given birth, with a newborn sleeping in a car seat beside my desk. For months and months.

Lesson #3: you need to prioritize making your dream come true

Fast forward to today. My third book is going to be published soon. The fourth is scheduled for next year. I. am. A. Published. Author.

I made my dream come true. In my own time. On my own terms. With my own creativity and skills. And I fully credit the women around me who lifted my dream up. The “people in positions of authority” who saw my value at the beginning (all women), the editors who worked with me (all women), the publishers who mentored me (all women), the friends and colleagues who helped promote my books (again…women). They gave me the value and validation I couldn’t give myself.

My story is…when you support someone’s dream…you contribute to her story.

My story happens to be in book form ;-)

Author: Caroline Fernandez


Instagram: parentclub

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