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Our Mission is to Lead Women to a Life of Empowerment

“Our Mission is to create a community of women who support, uplift and empower each other to heal from traumatic experiences in order to live a life of fulfillment”

Our names are Sasha Parrell and Ashley Snowball. Best friends and business partners. Most people see us as good vibes and confidence - but that wasn’t always our story.

We met about a decade ago in a trap house. For those who don’t know, a trap house is where people do a lot of drugs, buy a lot of drugs and do what they need to do in order to get drugs. We ended up there because of self-destructive paths we lead due to the beliefs that we were not capable of attaining more.

This way of life led us to multiple traumatic experiences through violence, drug addiction, rape, prostitution and other forms of abuse. After numerous breaking points and near-death experiences, we FINALLY hit rock bottom.

Having endured many years of self destruction, we finally realized that we were doing it to ourselves. Our lives were reflections of the beliefs we had about ourselves and about the world. This realization had us commit ourselves to personal development and from that point on, we transformed our lives. As people around us watched our incredible results, they began to reach out for advice and support. Their increasing curiosities showed us that we had something very valuable to offer. Thus, the creation of Born Legacy.

Our mission is to lead women to a life of empowerment. We know what it takes to leave a life of self-destructive cycles and to step into a life of power, and we are dedicated to showing other women how to change the course of their lives and recover from past traumas as well.

It is important for women to know that it’s okay to have endured pain in life and that whatever happened to them was not their fault, but it is their responsibility for how they move forward instead of staying stuck in the impact and emotion of what trauma can bring.

Having other women that believe in you, and help to build you up has been crucial in our growth and is needed in society today more than ever. That is what Born Legacy stands for: like-minded women Masterminding together in order to rise.


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