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Perception Is Everything

In a time where we, as women, are inundated with social media posts and blogs about women striving for greatness and living their best life, it is easy to slip into a kind of self imposed slump after scrolling through your thread. Sometimes, those very posts that are meant to empower and inspire us have the opposite effect. Depending on our mood, or the time of month, these posts might push us further into darkness. I often think about this when I post my own stories and anecdotes about motherhood, wellness, family and community. I only want to inspire and empower, to provoke deeper awareness around self love.

As a consumer as well as a producer of this kind of content, I know how it feels to read a series of posts and suddenly feel like I’m not good enough, thin enough, active enough, happy enough, beautiful enough, mother enough, wife enough and on and on. There is a fine line between feeling inspired and feeling defeated when filtering through curated realities of other people’s lives. But you know what I know to be true? Our reality shrinks or expands depending on our perception.

This is not only true for social media, it’s true for life. So when you find yourself feeling down, feeling less than, feeling defeated and comparing yourself to others, it’s important to remember that when you accept that your life will never be as great as how you PERCEIVE others to be, you will THRIVE and most definitely become the best version of you.


Jennifer Podemski

Maker of moving pictures 🎬

Teller of stories, seeker of truth, carrier of ancient genetic memory #Anishinaabe #Ashkenazi

Redcloud Studios Inc.

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