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Stop Dreaming of Having "The Perfect Life"

If I could go back and give this new Mom some advice, this is what I would say: 1. Stop dreaming of having “the perfect life”. There is no such thing. Perfectly imperfect is the reality. There will be incredible highs, are hard lows. And you will get through the hard stuff. You will change and grow through each hurdle. 2. You are enough just as you are, not 10lbs, or 20lbs from now, or when your house is clean, and the laundry is done. Those goals will rarely ever line up, so just enjoy the “what is now”. 3. Your kids think you’re the Bomb! Even when you’re grumpy, tired or feel like you don’t play enough with them. I like to look at this like food. As long as my kids eat well over a span of a week, we’re good. Same with parenting. You won’t be supermom everyday, but over a span of time, you are to them! ⭐️

4. Don’t look to others to make you happy, or expect others to know when you need help. Make yourself a priority here and there so you don’t resent anyone and ask for all the help you need! Seriously, ASK! 5. One day you’ll wake up, and your kids will start looking like mini adults. You’ll feel sad and think the time has just slipped away, but really you were right there in the thick of it all with them, it was just so busy it flew by. And let’s be honest, you’re probably way too exhausted to go through those phases again. You did it. You survived sleepless nights, diapers, fevers, scary rashes, first days of school, and had lots of great moments in between. Now get ready for the most mentally challenging part of parenthood, tween/ teen life. OH, also you are going to live through a pandemic. It will be an absolute roller coaster, and a total shit show, but you will make it through. There will be a ton of heartbreak, loss, and you will lose yourself for a bit. But I promise, you will find her again, and come out once again stronger. ️ #thisismotherhood

Author: Officially Vanessa XO

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