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Taking The Long Way Around

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

I always knew my life wouldn't go in a straight line and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have always believed in taking the long way around and it has always meant that there is more to enjoy along the way! Corny?? Yes, I know!

I left a career at 28 years old without knowing what was next. I knew that job had run its course but had no idea what was next. I spent my savings travelling and going back to school to learn more about baking - a hobby I loved. I'm not kidding when I say that I knew on DAY ONE that I had found my next thing. At 30 years old when my friends were getting married, buying houses and planning their families, I moved in with my parents and started Yummy Stuff in their kitchen. It grew fast, and I just went with it. I went from my parent's kitchen to an industrial kitchen space to opening a retail bakery a few years later. There were nights when I decorated cakes, and cookies right through the night with a quick 20 minute nap in between cookies. I was baking, decorating, ordering, invoicing, delivering, hustling! I had to learn how to run a food business, the rules, regulations, health codes, tax rules, how to hire, train and pay staff, market my business, get a website, do a wedding show, etc , etc, etc. As hard, and as exhausting as it was, it always felt like I was doing what I was meant to be doing. When you have that mindset in your back pocket, it's the best motivator!

It was an insane 15 years. The best and the hardest, and the best thing! I learned so much, lost a LOT of sleep, fought so hard to keep going at times but ultimately loved it, loved pursuing my passion and felt so proud of the business I had "raised". It's funny, I had never wanted to have kids but ended up having a bakery that required almost as much blood, sweat, and tears as motherhood without the hugs!

Most recently, I sold Yummy Stuff at the height of its success. Who does that?! It was the toughest of all decisions and at first, it felt like a piece of me was for sale. I could list the reasons why I wanted to sell but ultimately, I just knew. I knew it was time. I know that some people thought it was foolish, or reckless.

I was (and still am) constantly asked what's next. I have no idea! It is scary to not know but liberating too. It could be anything. I won't lie, it is tougher to make these kinds of moves the older I get. I worry more, I have more financial, and life obligations, but I hold fast to the belief that I trust my gut and can't wait for what is next! It also turns out that when you've already done the thing that has brought you so much fulfillment, satisfaction and joy, you have really high standards!

Wish me luck! In the mean time I have way more time with my love, my family, my friends and my puggle!

Author- Morag

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