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The Life of A Dreamer

All my life I have dreamed BIG DREAMS! It’s no wonder that I share a birthday with Martin Luther King, Jr. And my dreams have guided, and aided me in some of the biggest decisions of my life.

As a young girl around 10 years old, I dreamed of being like the supermodel, Iman. And when I turned 18, I got booked as a bridal showroom model on a whim/fluke from a college friend. I would go on to professionally model for 11 years. My career took me from Philadelphia to Paris, and south to Miami.

After I got married, I did my last fashion show 3 months pregnant. I was immensely proud of my body and wanted to continue dressing just as fashionably as I had most of my life. But to my shock, maternity fashion was stuck in yesteryear. I had a dream to design my own line of maternity clothes, so I did. And then another dream to name it Hollywood Mama, so I did.

Oh, and a dream to divorce my husband of 5 years. My marriage was emotionally abusive, but I was scared. In that dream, I was shown that I would be ok, so I did. I opened in 2003. It was an overnight success! My line was sold in over 30 stores across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. I closed the boutique and stopped manufacturing the line in 2006. The story is too long to go into here. But I will say this: your mind, body, and spirit MUST be aligned to achieve & sustain success.

Fast-forward to 2010.

I had a light-bulb moment to start a shoe website called, A play on the spelling of my last name Hill. And my idea was to only sell high heel shoes. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to eventually one day have a glamorous boutique. So, I of course, dreamed, fantasized, law of attraction[ed] it to me! In 2016 my dream of a high heel boutique opened in late August. It was gorgeous. A mall executive agreed. And a mere 4 months later I had a shoe store in a premiere mall in Atlanta, GA. 6 months after that, I got the chance to design my own shoe line. I took that chance and designed one glam boot and called it: Showgirl.

I introduced the world to Showgirl via my Instagram account, and it went viral. In 3 days, I had $5000 in pre-orders. And by the end of the month I had accrued over $45,000 in pre-sales! But only 7 months later along with factory problems in China, and in the midst of the great American mall apocalypse, I closed my beloved shoe store. And I decided to stop designing shoes as well.

I struggled for almost 2 years. Watching my life savings dwindle right along with my spirits.

I downsized my life on every level. I moved out of an almost 3000 sq. ft townhome to a 900 sq ft loft. I also moved my son to a much less expensive college. I was los, floundering and was asking God, the Universe, and psychics, "What am I to be when I grow up?"

And then along comes the Corona virus. I was forced to get really quiet. Forced to go within.

And in doing so, I took several walks back down memory lane. After moving I stumbled across a box of all my press from Hollywood Mama. That triggered something in me. It made me realize that I did not want to simply walk away from another successful venture without a freakin’ fight! If you can’t see a way—MAKE A WAY!

I was out of money to start another line or open a boutique…and Covid-19 had shut down the economy. Thus, I turned into a fashion magazine. A publication all about high heels and the “high” life. And if you’re wondering if I had dreamed of starting a magazine-yes, I had. But I talked myself out of it because I thought it would simply be too hard to start.

I can honestly say, I have never been so happy…fulfilled. I am using all the gifts that I have garnered throughout my life to help bring these mags to life. Our growth has been incredible these past 6 months. And to top it off, I’m a 2020 Emmy winner! Just last week, I won an Emmy for my role in an ensemble cast for a news discussion about Motherhood on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). During my floundering, I agreed to do this on a whim (gotta love those whims—game changers)!

Today I am feeling re-invigorated by my life. I have a sense of direction. And I feel ready for whatever may pop-up on my journey. And by ready let me be VERY clear: I now know at 50 vs at 33, that one must be fully prepared for success!

If your mind. body and spirit doesn’t feel worthy and deserving, you will self-sabotage!

Success is a stew in a never-ending crockpot…cooking and simmering. And it will include failures, rejection, haters, frenemies, tears, pain, almost wins, and major wins. I believe that’s why they say, success is bittersweet. No matter what happens to me or if Ms. Heel magazine will give me that sweet taste of success…I will always be a dreamer.

Author: Velicia Hill

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