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There Is Good In All People

My story began on March 22nd 1983 in Kingston Jamaica, St. Joseph’s hospital. I was born the second girl, the fourth and last child to Winston Matthews (formerly Cresci Chin) and Dr. Anna Matthews.

I was born very lucky because my mother whom I am very close to has a kind soul. I watched her very closely as a child, she was always helping people in the community and giving of herself to the sick and down trodden, and she never refused to help others especially when they did not have enough money for medicine or check ups. I am glad to say I was often her little helper and I took on much of her compassion, her genuine love for life and her giving spirit.

I love people. I believe the universe is friendly, there is good in all people and that Earth is a pretty cool place to live. I truly believe that it is my gratitude for being alive that has given me the great fortune in meeting & keeping positive & creative people in my life. I wish to continue living fully, creatively & passionately, to think generously and experience as much good as is humanly possible, I will continue to give my best self in love.

I believe in abundance and having life long friendships. I became a Rotarian because I have the desire to be of service, to do good, to leave my world and the people I touch even a little better, and to widen my circle of friends that are like minded - lovers of life, natural givers as well.

As I grew, my love for the arts grew as well, particularly the dramatic arts and the written word. I also have a deep love for the sea, and swimming. I soon began performing in school plays, writing essays for friends and swimming competitively for Y Speedos and later for my high school St. Hugh’s high.

After graduating from High school, I left my home to pursue my Theatre Arts Bachelors degree in Washington D.C. at Howard Univ. I graduated in 2006 from Howard with my B.F.A in Theatre arts and after some time spent at home in Jamaica, came to Canada in 2007.

Someone once told me my gifts would make room for me and they were right. I started BlueFire Writing Inc. As my business grew I focused on writing for entrepreneurs and small business.

In 2016 my brother Lefranc Matthews was killed in Toronto on Canada Day – July 1st– he was the owner of a club and thugs that were denied entry into his establishment came back with semi automatic weapons and killed his bouncer and friend – when my brother heard the gunshots he went to try to save his friend and he was also killed.

After this event some friendships grew stronger, one particular bond helped me through this rough time was with my confidant and now brother Steven Leach C.E.O of Steven was first my patent agent and is also the C.E.O of a firm that links innovation to enterprise. Techlink facilitated Not Your Child Corp. meeting A.C.S and thereby helping us to create our new invention.

In a nutshell I am a born “empath”. I am an entrepreneur, a creative writer a Thespian, a Rotarian, an Eastern Star (Modern Free Mason).

Author - Julia Matthews

Companies – Not Your Child Corp.

Julia Matthews is the C.E.O and founder of Not Your Child Corp. A tech company dedicated to safety for the entire family and also the inventor of the world’s first tracking interlock breathalyser, phone pairing system.

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